Ephesoft : A new user interface embedded in Alfresco

Ephesoft is going to release a new user interface in the next few months. Before this release, I wanted to think by myself to a new UI. My main constraint are:

  • To implement this new user interface directly within Alfresco Share,
  • To make this UI "sexy"...,
  • And finally, to find a new way for some features that I find annoying in the current user interface.

This new user interface is based on YUI (because it's the framework used by Alfresco) and I added, as well, some jQuery libraries. The list that I tried to optimize in this demo is: (a) duplicate a page, (b) delete a page, (c) move a page. These 3 features seems to me, not really simple to use in the current user interface.

Here is, some screenshots:

Here is what I really like in this skeleton of UI:

  • The use of colors on the left panel, instead of having only one icon in the current UI;
  • The option of navigating between pages in the top right corner with all available actions (and the use of fading effect);
  • The fact that we can drag and drop in the left panel;
  • And finally, the inline editing mode of the document type.

I tried to record this quick demo to make it more understandable:

Now, it's your turn... What's your opinion ? Do you think that integrating Ephesoft in Alfresco is a good idea ? Do you like this demo ? What would you do differently ?

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